• Next Show - September 16 at DST!

    Next Show - September 16 at DST!

    Join us on Tuesday, September 16 at the Davis Square Theatre for our first concert of the 2014-15 season. This show has it all - world premieres, old favorites, and jazz-inspired oboe riffs. Featuring special guests Lilit Hartunian on violin and Elizabeth England on oboe, "Unclassified" is a great way to start your concert season!

    Fabrication 10: Itch by Andy Vores

    Dirty Water by Tina Tallon  *WORLD PREMIERE*

    Short List by John McDonald  *WORLD PREMIERE*

    Empowered by Matthew Jaskot  *WORLD PREMIERE*

    sift by Daniel T. Lewis  *BOSTON PREMIERE*

    Bluefire Crown III by Les Thimmig

  • Upcoming Performance: Residency at the Boston Conservatory

    As part of our mini-residency with The Boston Conservatory High School Composition Intensive, we will present a FREE concert of some of our favorite repertoire, including works by Curtis Hughes, Rudolf Rojahn, Andy Vores, Philippe Manoury, and more!

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 8pm

    The Boston Conservatory Opera Studio
    8 The Fenway
    Boston, MA
  • June 9 - Present Tense!

    Present Tense


    Transient Canvas

    Monday, June 9, 8pm

    Davis Square Theatre


    We'll present our final concert of the 2013-14 season, “Present Tense”, on Monday, June 9, 8pm at the Davis Square Theatre, 255 Elm Street (downstairs), Somerville.


    Continuing in our mission to bring the freshest new music to the Boston area with a wry smile and a raised glass, this program features world premieres by Rudolf Rojahn, James Borchers, Mu-Xuan Lin, and Aaron Jay Myers alongside French composer Philippe Manoury’s spiky Last. Each piece deals with the paradox of unity through disparity. Myers and Borchers attack the issue with kinetic propulsion, while Lin and Manoury address the paradox from within a blurred sound world. The Rojahn combines rich rhythmic complexity with trance-like harmonies and mellow electronic sounds to end the program on a meditative note.


    Tickets are $10 general admission and are sold at the door.

  • c20723d1f98ba545-tcattufts.jpg

    We recently completed a mini-residency at Tufts University this May. It was so much fun working with the composition students there. Many thanks to John McDonald for being such a gracious host!

  • More excitement in 2014!

    2014 is looking like it's going to be a great year!  We have some very exciting news, including two more Boston concerts full of world premieres and two mini-residencies with composition programs in the area.

    First of all, we are very excited to announce that we will be working very closely with the composition students at Tufts University this spring.  Our residency includes a class on writing for bass clarinet, marimba, and the combination of the two, sessions with students composing short pieces for our duo, and finally recording the finished products. We will also be presenting a class for the composition students at the Berklee College of Music in early March. We are both so passionate about advancing the repertoire for our instruments, and every chance to expose young composers to our sound is always an adventure.

    In a little over a month, we'll be premiering Vestibule III by Curtis K. HughesTelephone: (careless whisper) by Victoria Cheah, and -8.34 by Brenna Noonan on a progam featuring David Rakowski's Two Can Play That Game and John McDonald's The Veldt of Night.  March 19 | 8pm | Davis Square Theatre

    Stay tuned for more adventures, including our June 9 premiere of works by Rudolf Rojahn, Mu-Xuan Lin, James Borchers, and Stephen Halloran and our trip down South in August to join Atlanta's new music heroes Chamber Cartel!

  • Upcoming Concert: "When the Smoke Clears" at DST

    Upcoming Concert: "When the Smoke Clears" at DST

    Sept. 24 -- 8:00pm

    We're playing a show filled with good music, good friends, and good drinks to kick off our 2013-14 concert season!  Sponsored by the Equilibrium Concert Series, we return to the Davis Square Theatre with special guests Lilit Hartunian, violin, Ashe Gordon, viola, and Dane Palmer, marimba.  The program is as follows:

    Untarnished Lucidity (2011) by Osnat Netzer

    Now and gone (2013) by Daniel T. Lewis ***world premiere***

    When the Smoke Clears (1995) by Barbara White

    Contemplating Duality (2013 by Jim Dalton ***worldpremiere***

    What She Saw There (1987) by Evan Ziporyn

    The Davis Square Theatre is located at 255 Elm Street beneath the Foundry on Elm and down the hall from Saloon in Davis Square in Somerville. 

  • Upcoming Performance: Residency at The Boston Conservatory

    We'll be presenting a free concert as part of our residency with The Boston Conservatory High School Composition Intensive.  The concert will feature some of our favorite commissions, most of which are by HSCI faculty.  We will be playing:

    Purge (2013) by John Murphree

    Origami (2012) by Marti Epstein

    Small World (2002) by Barbara White

    Canvas One: 'doppler' (2012/13) by Keith Kusterer

    Fabrication 10: Itch (2012) by Andy Vores

    Studio 401 - 8pm
    The Boston Conservatory Theater Building
    31 Hemenway Street
    Boston, MA 02215