tt(úú)___'__f'ckng-BRTL/ (2015) for bass clarinet & marimba is part of the () Series by Justin Barish.

"The works in ( ) are largely concerned with physicality as a compositional strategy. These pieces bleed elements of performance and conceptual art into the musical event - they are theatre pieces for the anatomy in the context of sound production. 

For me, the relationships between the body, the score, and sound and noise is a deeply personal one, a sensual one, a brutal one. When I go to make a score I feel less like a composer and more like painter or a choreographer whose images and movements have the potential for sound and vibration. Just as Gerhard Richter scrapes and smears horizontal and vertical force on the canvas to dislocate color, or as Francis Bacon utilizes violent lines to decorate a convulsing screaming figure, I use bodily force as a way of eviscerating and distorting the fixity of given musical information. When actuated by these parametric forces, aural consequences happen. Music is pulverized into noise... the identifiable properties of music are disfigured to be transfigured. 

The concept of the gibberish, sometimes unpronounceable titles in ( ) comes from the Sigur Rós album of the same name which is sung completely in a nonsensical, meaningless made-up language. 

( ) is pronounced Untitled."

-Justin Barish


Justin Barish (b. 1990) is a composer of contemporary art music whose work is characterized by its complex layers, violent textures and extreme physical and emotional sound worlds. He is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory with academic honors, studying with Dalit Warshaw, Marti Epstein and Andy Vores as well as participating in masterclasses with Simon Bainbridge and Samuel Adler.

Barish is the 2012 recipient of the Roger Sessions Memorial Award for Composition. His music has been performed by artists such as The Ludovico New Music Ensemble, The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Eric Hewitt, Marti Epstein, Bethanne Walker, Jeffrey Means and Kent O'Doherty. Recent commissions include The Transient Canvas Duo, Joint Venture Percussion Duo, and Kent O'Doherty and Aliana de la Guardia. A passionate advocate for the performance of new and contemporary music, he has performed as a percussionist in the 2010 Boston Conservatory New Music Festival and has conducted performances ranging from Haydn to over a dozen world premieres. Barish was the winner of the 2011 Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Composition Competition, which resulted in the premiere of his commissioned work "Machine Music" (to be recorded on Albany records).