Ebb and Flow  - The outer movements were both generated from improvised ideas that stuck in my head. While Ebb wonders off into increasingly unfamiliar territory, Flow maintains a closer relationship with its origins. Interlude was inspired by a homeless man who sits in the centre of Piccadilly Circus in London. This man sings a haunting melody - three short phrases repeated over and over - using a plastic construction site ‘witches hat’ to amplify his falsetto, so that his simple wordless song wafts across the tourists and the traffic and the general cacophony that is present at the heart of one of the worlds busiest and richest cities. I find this contradiction unsettling.  

            - Jeremy Barnett


Performer, composer, and educator, Jeremy Barnett is one of the most versatile percussionists to come out of Australia. Currently based in London (UK), Jeremy’s musical world crosses all genres from classical to pop, contemporary music to cabaret and musical theatre, electro-acoustic solo projects to dance, and everything in between. In Australia, he was a member of bands including PROP, CODA, Petulant Frenzy, and the Daryl Pratt Sextet, and he regularly performed with the Sydney Symphony, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, and Synergy Percussion. Jeremy is featured as marimba soloist on the soundtrack to the major motion picture ‘The Black Balloon" and has presented marimba and electro-acoustic percussion recitals in Australia and the USA. More information at www.jeremybarnett.net