"Murakami's Well" (2018) for bass clarinet, marimba, and electronics. Written by Aaron Cecchini-Butler for Transient Canvas as part of the first annual Composition Fellowship Program. This performance recorded live on June 3, 2018 at First Church in Boston. Scott Quade, videographer.
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Aaron Cecchini-Butler enjoys exploring consciousness through music composition. Using characters from various fantasy novels and the surrealism of Murakami as a springboard, he then conducts field studies in order to better understand the mental and emotional state of the characters. His music creates a space for the listener that walks the line between fantastical and realistic, with the intent of leaving the listener questioning where they were after a piece is played. He often incorporates electronics, a great deal of extended techniques and enjoys exploring the endless possibilities of notation.

He has attended a number of festivals including SICPPCompositand IMPULS, where he was fortunate to work under Stefan Prins, Peter Ablinger, Jean-François Charles and Pierluigi Billone, among others.

His fixed media track, “Keep” was published on a CD through the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt and Distract Fold, he was the recipient of a BMI Student Composer Award in 2017, and he was also awarded a Fellowship with the Boston based ensemble Transient Canvas.