“This division of energy into actual and potential seems to me to be defective. It prevents the direct comprehension in the mind of energy as being motion and nothing else; it leaves unexplained how a body perfectly at rest can come to move; and further implies the dissipation of energy . . . in a new phase, for, if all the actual energy in the universe were to become potential, all the real and positive motions which constitute life might indefinitely cease.”

- George Iles, The Constancy of Motion, Popular Science Monthly, Volume 10, December 1876

Written for and premiered by Transient Canvas at the ALBA Music Festival.


Dylan Findley (b. 1991) writes music as a sacred act of expressing intangible truths through emotion. As such, he enjoys the interplay between symbolism, perception of musical space and time, and the exploration of interesting sounds. For this reason, Dylan’s work spans from loosely structured improvisations to complex and meticulous allegorical works.

He has been awarded commissions by the Barlow Endowment, New American Voices, American Guild of Organists Student Commissioning Project, and the Barlow Student Composition Award. His music has been championed by Transient Canvas, Ensemble Mise-En, Great Noise Ensemble, members of the Cleveland Orchestra, PULSE Trio, TransAmerican Duo, Frost Symphony Orchestra, and Brigham Young University's Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band. His works have been featured at the Oh My Ears Festival, June in Buffalo, Exchange of Midwestern Collegiate Composers Conference, Blue Ridge Music Festival, ALBA Music Festival in Italy, Clarinova (a clarinetist-composer consortium), National Student Electronic Music Event, Region VI Conference of the Society of Composers, Inc., Atlantic Music Festival, Florida Electroacoustic Student Festival, Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival, Utah Xtalk, and the West Fork New Music Festival. His music will be performed by Quarteto L'Arianna with Gustavo Fontes at the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival in September.

His teachers include James Mobberley, Zhou Long, Lansing McLoskey, Christian Asplund, Neil Thornock, Michael Hicks, Sam Richards, and University of Miami Composers-in Residence Martin Bresnick, Stephen Hartke, and Augusta Read Thomas. He currently attends the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he pursues his Doctorate of Musical Arts.