Ne me quitte pas (Don't Leave me)
jacques brel

Don't leave me

We must forget, for everything can be forgotten that has already passed
Forget the time of misunderstandings and the time lost trying to know how
Forget these hours of asking "why" that would sometimes extinguish the heart of happiness

(Don't leave me)

I will give you pearls of rain from the countries where rain doesn't fall
I will dig up the earth for all eternity to cover your body with gold and with light
I will make a kingdom where love shall be king, where love shall be law, where you shall be queen

(Don't leave me)

I shall invent for you meaningless words which only you will understand
I shall tell you the story of those lovers who have twice seen their hearts catch fire
I shall tell you the story of the king who died from not being able to know you

We have seen the fire erupt from an ancient volcano that was thought to be too old
They say those are the scorched lands yielding more wheat than the best of Aprils
And when evening comes for the sky to blaze
Don't the black and the red become one?

(Don't leave me)

I'll weep no more
I'll speak no more
I'll hide right here
to look at you dance and smile
to listen to you sing and then laugh
Let me become the shadow of you shadow
the shadow of your hand
the shadow of your dog

don't leave me


After earning composition degrees from Berklee College of Music (BMus, 2004) and Tufts University (MA, 2007), Beau Kenyon deliberately left the world of music and composition to examine and expand his creative lens. In those years, he worked with Jennifer Zuk in Nadine Gaab's lab at Boston Children's Hospital. Here, he designed and executed an adult behavioral study that examined the relationship between musical study and Executive Function, the trends of which he and Zuk presented at the Neurosciences and Music Conference - IV in Edinburgh, Scotland (2011). Kenyon meanwhile became a leader in education, earning a Montessori certification before becoming a 4th-6th grade Curriculum Coordinator and, later, the Director of Extracurricular Programs. As Director, Kenyon served on the Leadership Team and Board of Directors while generating an additional revenue stream for the School through programmatic design and implementation.

In 2012, Kenyon returned to his work as a composer and pianist by accepting commissions from the Keene Chamber Orchestra, Marjorie Gere, Elizabeth Sailer, Transient Canvas, Daniel Beilman, Sassan Haghighi, and Marti Epstein. He has also worked with Boston and New York-based performers and ensembles, such as Duo Diorama, Philipp Stäudlin, QX, Jessica Bowers, Scott Woolweaver, and Franziska Huhn. Recognized for his lyrical and sensitive aesthetic and enthusiasm for collaboration, Kenyon's work has been premiered in Boston, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Cyprus, and France.