Todd Kitchen.png

Composer Todd Kitchen is fascinated by arrhythmic smatterings of events and unpredictable timbral flux (conductor Todd Kitchen tries to avoid both). He employs both in the service of parsing out the sublime unknowns of the natural world, inviting his listeners to take part in the process of discovery. His music’s predominant metric ambiguity belies the fact that he takes much of his inspiration from the genres of synth-pop, folktronica, jazz, funk, and EDM.

As a composer, Todd has earned modest acclaim, including a Barlow Commission, and his music has been featured at the Etchings festival, the Cortona Sessions, New Music on the Point, the SEAMUS national conference, and the National Student Electronic Music Event. He has written for groups such as PRISM Quartet, Talea Ensemble, Sound Icon, the Lydian String Quartet, BYU Singers, and Brevitas choir. He is currently the conductor for the Brandeis Operetta Initiative, and has performed in several choirs, including the prestigious BYU Singers and Brevitas choir, of which he is a founding member. He also has a storied history playing brass instruments in various orchestras, wind ensembles, and a ska band. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in music theory and composition at Brandeis University, where he has studied with Yu-Hui Chang, David Rakowski, and Eric Chasalow. He received his bachelor’s degree in Composition from Brigham Young University where he studied with Michael Hicks, Neil Thornock, Christian Asplund, and Steve Ricks. Todd currently lives just outside of Boston with his wife and baby, where you can find him running in the woods or biking on the roads during his free time.