Nothing feels quite like throwing something away which once was, or still is, important. Purification can pertain to many things: a physical object which now takes up too much room or has lost importance over time, or a mental state which must be sacrificed in order to maintain psychological health. Sometimes the need to enact a Purge isn't obvious. At those times, a lack of action can lead to stagnation, or worse. The expulsion process can be anywhere on the emotional spectrum from subtle to violent, occurring over a long period of time in our subconscious, or in the instant of a verbal outburst.


John Murphree holds a M.M. and a B.M. in composition from The Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, respectively. He studied composition extensively with Andy Vores and John Bavicchi, participated in song writing master classes with Samuel Adler and William Bolcolm and completed advanced welding and sculpture studies with Dennis Svoronos at the Museum of Fine Arts School (Boston).

Murphree designs and fabricates original percussion instruments, principally made of metal, which are used in live performance and are also pre-recorded for performance. His acoustic compositions and arrangements have been played by various ensembles, as well as by Yo-Yo Ma, Lynn Chang and The Boston Conservatory’s Hemenway Strings. He has collaborated in the Juddertone Choreography Project, and his sound installations have been staged at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Mobius gallery in Boston.

In 2009, Murphree was invited to join the theory faculty at The Boston Conservatory. He and his wife live in Malden, Massachusetts.