Tremendous! This is the best piece. No other piece has ever been as great as this piece. This piece has all the best notes, written by the best people, everyone knows that there has never been a piece like this in the history of the world, ever. Believe me, this piece is the smartest piece, and knows all the best people. Anyone who says this piece isn’t the best piece, is being fake. SAD!”

- Brian Sears

Photo by Franck Ferville

Composer Brian Sears’s music is based on his attraction to timbre, space, and texture, and is heavily influenced by the concept of augmenting reality through the use of electronics. His compositions use these forces as a foundation for creating immersive sonic environments that communicate intimate and emotional connections. Brian holds a Master’s degree from Bowling Green State University, and a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Composition & Theory at Brandeis University where he studies with Eric Chasalow and David Rakowski. Brian is continually inspired and influenced by his interactions and collaborations with performers and sound artists, as well as past teachers and mentors like Elainie Lillios, Mikel Kuehn, Pablo Furman, and Brian Belet. These interactions have had a huge impact on his work, leading Brian to be a vocal proponent for the importance of community and collaboration in the new music world. His music has been performed nationally at festivals and conferences like ICMC, SEAMUS, NYCEMF, Electronic Music Midwest, N_SEME, Electroacoustic Barndance, and CEMICircles, as well as by members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, SPLICE ensemble, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra and the San José Chamber Orchestra. He has also been a participant artist at various residencies including the Atlantic Center of the Arts, the SPLICE Summer Institute, and the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice at New England Conservatory.

*Banner image by Dalia Quiroz.